Idle farmer chickens

Idle farmer chickens

After a while you will want to add chickens to your farm. Chickens can be purchased from the Chicken Breeder after the requirements are met.


You need a wife in order to buy chickens. She will take care of the chickens.


You need wheat or star wheat to make chicken food.

Every time you convert regular wheat into feed, the amount of feed is increased by 4 per wheat. If there are more than 1 wheat in the box at the time you convert, the amount of wheat converted will be half of the total. If the total is odd, then the number of wheat converted is rounded up. Therefore, if you have 7 wheat and you click on the box to convert wheat into feed, 4 wheat will be taken and 16 feed will be added.

Star wheat produces 10 feed, and acts in the same manner as mentioned above, 2-star wheat gives 20 feed.

Feed Added
Wheat Available Wheat Used Feed Created (Regular) Feed Created (Star) Feed Created (2 Star) Feed Created (3 Star)
1 1 4 10 20 30
2 1 4 10 20 30
3 2 8 20 40 60
4 2 8 20 40 60
5 3 12 30 60 90
6 3 12 30 60 90
7 4 16 40 80 120


The chicken will lay eggs. Your wife can eat some eggs for lunch. A timer will appear near your wife that shows how much longer she will be eating lunch. This has a positive effect on her. You can eat 5 eggs for lunch, which will double your skills for the time period that is shown (1:30, then 1:20 and so on down to 0:30).

Collecting EggsEdit

When it is time to collect a chicken's egg, the chicken will be sitting and a white border around the chicken will flash every 3 seconds. To manually collect eggs, click on the flashing chicken(s). Your wife will automatically collect eggs as well. See Wife Skills for information on how many and how often she collects.

Each chicken takes roughly 3:00-3:45 to produce one egg. Because the wife, at her fastest speed, collects eggs every 3:45, it would make sense that it would not take longer than this for any one chicken to lay an egg. At this time, it is unclear if the timer for each chicken is random (with it's upper and lower restrictions) or not.

Eggs that haven't been collected do NOT rest when you go into market.

Selling eggsEdit

Eggs are sold in dozens. After leveling up the eggs trader a dozen eggs can earn you over 500,000 monetary units!