The eggs trader is a NPC that can be added to the village by a prosperity upgrade. This NPC will purchase the eggs that you produce from your farm. Each prosperity upgrade will double his offering for each dozen eggs

Egg pricesEdit

Level Price per dozen Points/Stars (score) per dozen
Level 1 (no upgrades) $24,000 35 ★
Level 2 $48,000
Level 3 $96,000
Level 4 $192,000
Max level (5) $384,000 91 ★

The price given is the base price. It is increased by your and your wife's selling skill. E.g. if you maxed out the eggs trader the base price for a dozen is $384,000, and let's say your selling skill gives you +38.24% and your wife's selling skill gives you +7% the result is that you get $557,743 for a dozen eggs (which is 45.24% more than the base price of $384,000).