In the village you can sell your crops and eggs to and buy seeds, fertilizer, tools and chickens from NPCs. You can also find a wife.

Getting to the villageEdit



Click on the sign at the bottom right of your farm.

In the village there is a similar sign which leads you back to your farm.

Selling crops and eggsEdit


Idle Farmer Village

When you go to the village your crops will be sold automatically. The exception are crops requested by the merchant, you have to click on the merchant and click sell.

For selling eggs you click on the eggs trader and click sell.

You have to be really patient for selling eggs and you have to be a good clicker.


You don't really buy things (except chickens), you "upgrade" to a higher level, e.g. fertilizer (faster growth), tools (faster actions) and seeds (grow more expensive plants).


  • The builder helps you build and expand the house for your wife.
  • The mayor is responsible for prospering.
  • Talk to one of the women (not the chicken breeder) and give her flowers to be able to marry her after a while, if you also have a house.